My mission is to artfully craft and convey the visual and emotional representation of your mission.


Sandra Lewis Design offers collaborative, innovative jewelry design and manufacturing services using cutting edge technology, and incorporating a signature hand-made aesthetic. Clients often describe how medallions become talismans, high level marketing tools, conversation pieces, and public relations champions.

Working with nonprofits, membership driven organizations, and foundations with a big social mission, as well as entrepreneurs and businesses, Sandra Lewis Design delivers stellar customer service and uniquely beautiful, original products.

  • Tell people what great work you do, and why it matters.

  • Communicate the values you stand for.

  • Thank your loyal donors and attract new support.

  • Honor your award recipients or graduates with a memorable gift.  

  • Generate revenue by marketing medallions to your audience.

  • Celebrate significant benchmark occasions and anniversaries.

Ready to create your own medallion or customize an existing medallion? Let's being with a quick survey to help tell your story.