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Sandra Lewis began Sandra Lewis Design with what Buddhists call beginners mind and a bit of good fortune. With Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, California as a first retail account, Sandra went on to enjoy representation for the next decade by Fragments, a well-respected New York designer jewelry showroom, finding an up-scale and loyal following through industry showcases known for their commitment to quality design and artistic development.

The addition of unique, talisman-like medallions to her body of work vastly expanded Sandra’s audience and vision, inspiring a focus on conceptual pieces. Sandra Lewis Design offers design and manufacturing services that marry visuals with language, deliver a consistent reproducible product, and capture the essence of something meaningful in wearable jewelry; working in collaboration with organizations, foundations, and individuals to tell their story with a talisman.


Portland based jewelry designer Sandra Lewis founded Sandra Lewis Design in 1995. With a philosophical nature about life’s mysteries and a fascination with found objects and the stories they had to tell, Sandra’s childhood treasure hunting began on the beaches of her native southern California. Early influences established a deep-rooted respect for issues of social justice and universal human rights, and a foundation for creative expression as a way to honor and explore the essence of beauty and the significance of its presence in everyday life.

Sandra completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, with an emphasis on the oral and written interpretation of literature and poetry. She went on to work as an Advertising Account Executive, completed a two-year training program in the Stanislavski method of acting, and explored the world of Hollywood in an administrative capacity before rediscovering her love of adornment. Studying for a year with Master Goldsmith and mentor Ralph Goldstein at UCLA, and inspired by Goldstein’s old world Italian sensibility, Sandra began designing collections that would find an on-going, enthusiastic audience, working for the next decade and a half in the fashion industry. A career that would swing full circle to encompass the ideas and values that shaped Sandra as a person, her artistic point of view, and most importantly, the glee of the young beachcomber in search of treasure.

Photo of Sandra Lewis by Irene Young