Creating a custom piece:
How it works


We work together, step-by-step

We talk about your work, your story, your budget, and your mission. We discuss artwork and or a concept, which you may already have, or we might entirely make one up.

I follow up with 2-3 medallion concepts.

Together, we tweak and refine the concept that best expresses your mission.

I submit 2-3 versions of the working concept. We tweak and refine again. Then proceed to creating the prototype.

The image you sign off on is as faithful a representation as possible of the final product, given that you will be looking at a picture rather than holding the three dimensional item in your hand.  Generally speaking, the thing in hand always delights more than the picture. I like to think of this part  as the mythical, magical alchemy of it all...

Making the the prototype

A master of the medallion is either carved in wax or fabricated in metal.

A mold of the master is made so we can then reproduce the piece by casting. 

How long does it take? 

Generally most projects take 8-10 weeks, although factors such as scale of project, complexity of design, and unexpected complications can extend timeframe.