Sandra Lewis

A passion for enriching the experience of adornment and celebrating beauty as a public value drives Sandra’s jewelry design. Her career began and flourished in high end fashion showcases, illuminating the power of art to engage hearts and minds. A life long love of language and images that can connect people to purpose and each other, along with a dedicated interest in social justice, makes her work a natural fit for organizations and businesses that want to convey the story of their mission with a symbol. Check out Sandra's latest endeavor and the collaboration to generate more opportunity for women and girls to lead our democracy: TheCompassProject.


Tim Nielsen

Tim loves working with wax and brings 30 years of experience sculpting and metalsmithing to his work. His artistry and attention to detail are central to the architecting of our prototypes. Inspired by nature, other artists and life, Tim’s collaborative spirit and ability to translate, interpret and enhance a project from concept to finished product, make him a joy to work with. 


Aimee Yorba

A veteran of and now at the helm of Snell Casting, Aimee and her company are renown for stellar professional and industry standards executed with the loving care and integrity of a family owned operation. A twenty year relationship, adding invaluable and beautiful layers to every Sandra Lewis Design project.