A symbol of your story, an opportunity to converse, a way to inspire action



Rally your supporters and attract new allies with a piece from the Shradda Collection or a custom-made medallion authentic to your nonprofit’s mission  

Nonprofit organizations compete for donors and support every day. Elevate your organization above the rest with timeless jewelry that reflects your brand and furthers your mission. Medallions with a mission can attract new support and inspire action, all while providing your current donors and supporters with a symbol of their shared commitment.

What medallions with a mission can do for your nonprofit organization: 

  • Artfully convey your mission
  • Succinctly and beautifully state, “this is what we represent”
  • Start conversations
  • Attract new support
  • Raise funds
  • Show appreciation to donors and/or volunteers
  • Represent achievement and/or completion of a program or training 


Rally support, attract new allies

Set your nonprofit organization on a new trajectory of fundraising and advocacy building with medallions with a mission



Collaboration and custom design

Sandra Lewis is passionate about helping nonprofits tell their stories. Through customized pieces or one of her popular Shraddha Collection medallions, nonprofit organizations have found a meaningful manner to show gratitude to supporters while eloquently sharing their stories and attracting new support. One conversation with Sandra could open up a new chapter for your nonprofit organization’s fundraising and outreach efforts.