Woman Warrior Medallion

women empowerment gift
women empowerment gift

Woman Warrior Medallion

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The perfect gift for everyday heroes.

The feel of an ancient coin paired with a distinctly contemporary aesthetic. A universal symbol of feminine divinity, clarity of purpose, and a powerful reminder that we are all warriors. A woman on horseback in front. In raised letters on the back piece, the iconic Joan of Arc quote: "I am not afraid. I was born to do this."  The two-pieces nestle and move freely.

Sterling silver medallions on a 16 or 18 inch silver chain. Also available in 14K or 18K gold. Please contact the studio for details or additional length options.

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Inviting interpretation, and in honor of the generations of women whose lives make possible and inspire my own, this symbolic medallion is a universal symbol of feminine divinity, clarity of purpose, and personal strength - making it a memorable milestone or achievement gift for a special woman figure in your life . A simple symbollic talisman that expanded how I approach work and life, providing the bridge from fashion designer jewelry to talismans with a story to tell. The overwhelming chorus of women wearing and gifting the Woman Warrior Medallion is a powerful reminder that we are all warriors. Whether in pursuit of authenticity, social justice, the upper echelons of corporate America, or called in service to the front lines, their stories of heroism and courage inspire fortitude. This is a great gift for law enforcement.

Over the past decade, gender equality has improved, as evidenced by the number of women in the legislature in Rwanda. At the same time, one of my colleagues doing pro bono work on behalf of Oliver Wyman heard countless stories of women still beaten by their husbands or their in-laws. She also heard stories of a vigilante who would rescue locked-up girls or beat up husbands who battered their wives. She was fortunate enough to meet Jeanne d’Arc d Nyirajyambere – this vigilante. I could think of no better way to acknowledge this heroic Rwandan Woman Warrior than to gift her a medallion. Here was her response at receiving the gift:

’Thank you very much for the (gift). You can’t understand how much I’m happy, I have the medallion around my neck. St Joan of Arc always inspire me in my life, she was a very strong/courageous woman. Sincerely, JN’
— Kathleen Hoogerhuis, Managing Partner, Oliver Wyman Group

I wear mine all the time, it has become an amulet, a reminder of two important things: I am not afraid and I was born to do this. I had a story to write but it scared me. Your Woman Warrior Medallion put some things together for me, it reminded me daily as I fastened it around my neck, of the wonderful blurb written on the cover of my last book: “Bridget Connelly is a born writer…” So, you reminded me, that I should not be afraid, that I should go for it, and figure out how to tell the tale.
— Bridget Connelly, Professor of Rhetoric UC Berkeley, Author

For women who are walking the warrior’s path, the Woman Warrior Medallion is a beautiful piece of jewelry; not overly feminine but a meaningful talisman for women who, like Joan of Arc, know what they were born to do!
— Sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith, Police trainer, Author, Instructor, Warrior

I wear my Woman Warrior Medallion every day, like some would wear the St. Michael, Patron Saint of Police, and it looks great, sounds cool because it has the two metal pieces that rub against each other and sets my mind when I put it on before I go to work. (Published in The Washington State Patrol Troopers Magazine September 2010)
— Sergeant Kim Triplett, Washington State Patrol