the shraddha collection

Universal talismans for singular journeys


What the heck is Shraddha?!!!

In the spirit of gratitude and full disclosure, I want to thank my dear, late friend, agent, and mentor Jimmy Moore. Jimmy’s creative spirit, his overarching belief in me, hilarious, dry humor, mix of deep spirituality and complete irreverence, continue to guide and grace my life and work. There were so many great conversations and moving exchanges through many years and iterations of both of our careers, but the memory of one stand-out phone call flooded back as I considered the idea of naming the new collection of medallions.

It was spring of 2005. I was in the dumps and at a loss about the what and the how of the next chapter of my work. I knew I had to reinvent myself but there I was, stuck someplace between the urgency to know and the necessary patience for a process to unfold.  Jimmy and I had resumed our regular weekly calls, which began ritually with a sing song jingle of my favorite nickname for him, met by a distinctly elongated and loving expression of my entire name. This always made us both laugh, and the experience of hearing my name articulated with clear intention was just so dear and somehow profoundly reassuring. We had talked for a while and ended up on our usual go-to topics: How feminine divinity is exactly what will begin to shift the world paradigm toward peace and the importance of using our gifts with purpose.

“Shraddha,” he blurted out in his characteristic gravelly voice. Sometimes it just felt like there was information that guy was sent to deliver.  Maybe it was his unique blend of southern charm and a couple of decades in the tell it like it is big apple, or maybe it was just a personal miracle, but Jimmy had a matter of fact way of saying things, true things, sometimes difficult things, that I could take all the way in without feeling judged or defensive.



“What the heck is Shraddha?!

“Write this down. The Sanskrit word for faith. It means, everything that you hold in your heart to be true. Don’t over think it. When you know what you’re supposed to do, how you can best be in service, it will be crystal clear.”

“Yeah, I got your ‘Shraddha’ right here Jimmy Jimmy Cocopuff,” I gleefully sang.

“Yes you do, Sandra Elizabeth Lewis. Yes you do.”



With a full heart, a bucketful of faith, and a jubilant, thankful wink to my guardian angels, I offer you The Shraddha Collection: UNIVERSAL TALISMANS FOR SINGULAR JOURNEYS. Whoever you are, whatever your troubles, questions, hopes and dreams, wherever you be on your path, may you find comfort and direction in what you already hold dear in your heart.  Shraddha, baby!