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Sandra Lewis Design Mission Statement:

To design and manufacture talisman-like pieces that artfully tell stories, bringing people and organizations together through symbols that unite and connect us to each other and our deeper purpose.


For so many, the planet, the economy, the world seem caught in a tail- spin. The news is often abysmal with one catastrophe worse than the next. Times are hard, the old models obsolete. As the philosopher John O’Donohue aptly put it, “Our trust in the future has lost its innocence.”

Sandra-Lewis-Design-MedallionsWhen I looked decisively beyond my own sandbox, I noticed a hopeful trend of entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts. People dedicated to helping other people and the planet. Ordinary people with visionary ideas who are harnessing the power of the global economy, using technology and social networking to redefine the relationship between commerce and community, and reorganizing philanthropy and meaningful contribution as our collective and universal legacy.

I concluded it was time to use my skill as a designer in a more purposeful way; to follow my own ‘warrior spirit’ to the intersection where purpose, art, and story align.

Sandra Lewis Design for Good:

  • Creates partnerships  that support philanthropy and build community.

  •  Offers organizations a way to give back to donors that is commensurate with their mission statement.

  • Provides uniquely meaningful talismans that express gratitude, reflect solidarity and have the ability to generate revenue.

  • Promotes brand identity.