i am a jewelry designer and manufacturer, treasure hunter, collaborator, and adornment enthusiast

I love story. It’s how I try to understand my place in the world. I am equally enchanted with artifacts and pieces of stone and glass. Combining these passions is how I started my career.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Rhetoric, worked in advertising, studied acting, and explored high-powered Hollywood as an underpaid, overworked underling before rediscovering my love of turning found objects into treasured, wearable stuff.  I had the incredible good fortune to land Neiman Marcus as my first retail account, and the amazing guidance and support of my longtime reps at Fragments, a stellar New York designer jewelry showroom. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities early on to show my work consistently at industry powerhouses like Barneys New York (USA & Japan) and Sundance catalog, venues known for fashion forward design and the artistic development of designers.

Combining images with language, I bring to life pieces that feel good to touch and wear, while reflecting the presence of beauty in our world and something meaningful to the wearer.

Thankful for this foundation and compelled to use my skill purposefully, I dedicate my efforts to honing the craft and art of personal adornment, utilizing beautiful design to tell a powerful story.

It’s all the rage in business now but good storytelling has always been the best way to engage hearts and minds. Much like attention to detail and principled, conscientious, kind customer service.

With a team of talented artists, technicians and entrepreneurs using cutting edge technology, and incorporating the signature hand-made aesthetic my clients expect, I deliver high quality, original products to thoughtful, purpose driven individuals, and organizations dedicated to good work and social justice all around the world.

Above all, I cherish the interaction with clients who wear and gift my work to mark or celebrate pivotal, decidedly personal occasions. Their missions and stories remind me what matters.


Fragments featured the work of designer Sandra Lewis for more than 10 Years. A constant, she continued to keep herself current as well as maintaining her place amongst the many original, stand out designers we represent. With a large body of loyal followers each passing year we consistently found a new crop of Sandy Lewis devotees. Sandy is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a consummate professional and always stays true to her word. Her designs remain fresh, timeless and effortless.
— Candas Caswell, Manager, Fragments, New York, New York

Sandra Lewis Design incorporates a sustainable business model that respects the planet and believes in giving back. With a commitment to conscious choices that minimize our ecological footprint, we use recycled, repurposed, green, and locally sourced products where possible in the making of the  jewelry and in choosing collateral materials to facilitate business.



The Sandra Lewis Design collection is produced in collaboration with fellow artisans and small US companies, and in accordance with strict legal and ethical guidelines for personal and environmental safety.



Actively seeking partnerships with organizations and individuals who are on a mission to make the world a more equal and safe place for everyone, Sandra Lewis Design donates products for events or awards, and/or a  percentage of proceeds to the work and programs of like-minded, socially conscious partners.